Welcoming in Taurus Season

Happy Taurus season!

Tomorrow morning, Mercury moves into Taurus (at 6:29AM EDT), and tomorrow afternoon (at 4:33PM EDT), the Sun moves into Taurus. Venus moved into Taurus on Wednesday at 2:22PM EDT.

Taurus energy reminds us to get clear on what we value in life and…

Opens the Door to Your Intuition + Magic

Happy new moon in Pisces!

At 5:21AM ET this morning, our lovely moon entered into the beginning of its next 29.5-day cycle, inviting all of us to start anew again as well.

One of the reasons I love new moons is they remind us we always have a chance to…

Suzanne Bellavista

Suzanne is a karmic astrologer & life coach who helps soul-centered entrepreneurs & leaders use astrology to design & plan their life in rhythm with the stars.

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