Welcoming in Taurus Season

Happy Taurus season!

Tomorrow morning, Mercury moves into Taurus (at 6:29AM EDT), and tomorrow afternoon (at 4:33PM EDT), the Sun moves into Taurus. Venus moved into Taurus on Wednesday at 2:22PM EDT.

Taurus energy reminds us to get clear on what we value in life and…

Enjoy More Clarity From No Retrogrades and a Kick of Get-Started Action From Aries season

Hello energetic and astrological new year!

The Sun moved into Aries on March 20, Venus moved into Aries on March 22, and Mercury moved into Aries on April 3. …

Opens the Door to Your Intuition + Magic

Happy new moon in Pisces!

At 5:21AM ET this morning, our lovely moon entered into the beginning of its next 29.5-day cycle, inviting all of us to start anew again as well.

One of the reasons I love new moons is they remind us we always have a chance to…

Suzanne Bellavista

Suzanne is a karmic astrologer & life coach who helps soul-centered entrepreneurs & leaders use astrology to design & plan their life in rhythm with the stars.

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